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Charles, thanks for creating this topic and posting this info, I think you have a good idea, but maybe rather than posting each presentation right here we could make a brief statement, a small paragraph perhaps, and make a separate page for the actual presentation itself. That would help keep down clutter as with the Code Vault. Maybe something like:

Recent Presentations

Hello World Presentation A presentation on how to write a good Hello World script was given by Miasma (Kurt) at a special Hello World SIG meeting last Tuesday at Gayle's Perks. Thanks for everyone making this presentation a success.

Future Presentations

This Saturday (Nov. 18, 2006) there will be a presentation by Charles on Xen and OpenVz. The presentation is scheduled for after the regular meeting at approximately 7PM. for more information see: Announcements

As always, I'm open for suggestions on how we might improve. --Miasma 10:45, 15 November 2006 (EST)

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