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This talk was given on June 27th, 2009

These are the commands I used in the presentation (with comments)


Standard aptitude search

aptitude search xterm

Using Aptitude's special search action to search for installed components

aptitude search ?installed

Looking for packages that are installed and match the search query xterm

aptitude search ?and\\(?installed,xterm\\)

Looking for pages that are not installed, and match the search query xterm

aptitude search ?and\\(\\!?installed,xterm\\)

Shows various aspects of any given package (The "Tags" section shows valid tags)

debtags show xterm

Searching for all apps that have an x11 interface

aptitude search ?tag\\(interface::x11\\)

Looking for tags that would be associated with a web browser

debtags show iceweasel

Searching for programs that are both browsers and do not have x11 interfaces

aptitude search ?and\\(?tag\\(web::browser\\),\\!?tag\\(interface::x11\\)\\)

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