Urban Exploration

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Finding things in plain sight.


Here We Go


This is simple... While out and about, sometimes we see cool technology in use. Instead of passing it by, why not explore it a little? In doing so, why not take some pictures, ask people what it's all about, find information online, and all of that.

What's to expect?

Nothing much really, if anyone see's something cool, and decides to take some notes down, photograph it, do a little research, why not post it up for others to see. Really what this is, is just some more content to generate. I don't expect any participation, seeming how this is rediculous, but if you're interested in adding to this, do so. If you need help, ask me.

Should you care?

Not really... This is yet another distraction from responsibility for me. Take what you like from this, perhaps it will inspire you to go looking for cool technology in plain sight. Otherwise, this is yet another one of my pointless additions to this site.

No laws where broken while acquiring any of this data... hopefully.

The List

GTE Fiber

Light Pole

1337 Locker

Medicated Baby Heads


Pizza Hut


Saddle Peak

Tokyo DL Phones


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